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Our skills and technical acumen enables us to deliver a total solution package sufficing your specific needs. This includes but not limited to ;

Tar Surfacing

Flowburg provides durable and perfect tar surfacing solutions designed to last a lifetime. Our technical team of field engineers, surveyors and tradesman exercise a high degree of professionalism to ensure that key deliverables per specific job are well executed. We also ensure that the skills required are integrated into a cohesive project team, tailored and implemented to the client’s requirements and as per the correct design standards. Our tar surfacing is all encompassing to include but not limited to ;

• Tarring of parking lots
• Road Surfacing
• Patches and potholes repairs
• Asphalting of pavements
• Resurfacing of dilapidated roads
• Asphalt Surfacing
• Rehabilitation of deteriorated areas
• Tennis Courts
• Chip and spray work

Paving Works

Our hands-on technical team works hand in hand with our clients to best understand and deliver exactly to their expectation. Our paving works are versatile, stylish, durable and will last many decades withvery little maintenance required in the long run.It’s important to note that your property design, appearance, shape, color and land size will directly or indirectlyinfluences which paver size, shape, color and paver pattern will be appropriate togive your property a world class modern finish.
The most popular paving materials applications Flowburg uses are :
• Brick Pavers
• Concrete Pavers
• Natural Stone Pavers
• Clay Pavers
• Tile Pavers

The distinct shapes of pavers will determine the decoration that can be achieved for your selection. These will range from square, rectangular, circular, oblong and triangular paver shapes. A wide variety of great patterns that can be applied based on your choice and preference some of which are ;
• Running bond
• Interlocking
• Basket weave
• Stretcher Bond
• Circle Pattern
• Fan Pattern
• Cobblestone
• Parquet, and many more


You may choose and decide to renovate, improve or upgrade your home for a variety of reasons. Among many reasons you might be to restore your older home to its former glory, improve the value of your property for sale or after purchase for a specious look, updating one or more rooms or even adding a new to accommodate an expanding family, add more functionality and beauty to the property or increase security there is need to choose Flowburg for we know how to do it right.

We model our work to suit what’s in your mind and bring it into a physical reality of world class standards. In our doing this we specialize with ;

• Office Renovations
• House Alterations
• Home Improvements
• Bathroom Makeover
• Interior design
• Kitchen Facelift
• Backyard or outdoor facilities e.g. swimming pools, vehicle garages, storerooms etc.

Building Work

Our mandate as your building professionals is quality service, durable structure and correct design standards whilst we still remain fully committed to your satisfaction as our client. We have confidence in our highly skilled staff, sub-contractors as they are well experienced in the industry. We offer an all-round building works package from architectural design,bricklaying, electrical works, roofing to include ceilings, glazing, tiling, plumbing and painting.

Our building projects include but not limited to ;
• Houses
• Garages, Patios, Balconies, Galleries and Walkways
• Cottages • Perimeter boundary walls
• Office Parks
• Warehouses
• Workshops and temporary shells.

Our engineer/s on siteregularly conduct necessary inspections before, during and after every building operation to ensure proper building standards are maintained and quality controls are implemented and adhered to. Safety of our workers and the public shall always remain a priority as per the Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993. Work shall be done in a manner that does not cause harm to the environment, workers and the public. Environmental requirements as espoused in the legislation will be adhered to during any of our building projects.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our dedicated team of artisans and technicians are on call 24/7 to fix, repair and restore your accidentally and incidentally damagedbuilding property within reasonable timeframes. Such repairs and maintenance works include but not limited to ;
• Plumbing (incl geyser repairs)
• Electrical
• Roof Leaks
• Waterproofing
• Gutter Repairs
• Collapsed Boundary Walls
• Fences and Palisades
• Steel Gates (Manual & Automated)
• Collapsed and Sagging Ceilings

Personal and Technical Team

Flowburg is comprised of adynamic technical team which includes civil engineers, water and sanitation engineers, quantity surveyors, artisans and risk management specialists. The personnel possess animmense experience gathered in their primary professions spurning over more than two decades in the SADC Region. As a result, our organization retains the pinnacle of infrastructural engineering in the construction industry.

Our Projects